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I was born in July which is probably the best all-round month in the year. My Mom is probably the best mom in the whole world, and was happy to see me. My dad was disappointed that I wasn't a boy, but glad that I was healthy. I am the second child of four girls, and everyone always follows that with "wow no boys/brothers huh?", no boys, and I didn't ever really cry about it. No offense guys.

I grew up in the state of Wyoming, which is known as the "Equality State". I've always enjoyed living here, and just for the curious people in the world who don't know where Wyoming is....Just under Montana, above Colorado, right of Utah and Idaho, and to the left of South Dakota and Nebraska. Point of fact....Yellowstone National Park (the first ever National Park), Devil's Mountain (the first ever National Monument), Jackson Hole (home of the Jackalope), Martin's Cove, the Oregon Trail, Independance Rock, and Ft. Laramie are all in Wyoming. It can be a very fun state to tour. Oh, yeah, and for all the people who have never been here....there are indians (Native Americans) here, we do not engage in warfare with them, and we do not ride our horses to school. Most of us don't have horses. For some reason I get those questions a lot when I'm out of our state.

I love studying foreign languages and I can speak in French, some Spanish, and I'm semi-fluent in Brazilian Portugese. I lived in Brazil for two months until I caught Dengue Fever and had to return home for medical treatment.

I play the piano and the clarinet, though neither of them well enough to make it my career. I adore listening to the piano. It would have to be one of my absolute favorite instruments. I often wish I could play better.

I decided when I was young that I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up. But when I went to school and discovered how very painfully shy I was, I threw that idea out the window. Who knew that in order to teach you had to stand in front of a bunch of people and TALK! So, when I was graduating high school, I took the AZVAB test to see what profession I might fit into. It turns out that Interior Design was right up my ally! So I went and got an Associates in Commercial Arts from the community college, and then planned to go on to a private art school to finish up the interior design degree. However, the private school I chose was really not what it had presented itself to be, and I left to return home to refigure my plans. While home, not wanting to waste time, I took some more classes at the college, and discovered quite a few more things I enjoyed doing. But the biggest thing is that I got a part-time job with the school district in the Library Services department! It was the best job ever! And I quickly decided to change my major from Illustration (a different phase that I'm still considering) to Library Science. After attaining 10 years of work experience there, and almost enough for my associates in Library Science, my life took another turn and I am now working full time as a devoted wife and mother. Life will probably change even more in the future, but I have to say that the library job was probably my favorite and I hope to return to it someday.

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