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The following are some of my hobbies. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to indulge!


I have a degree in commercial arts, and really love to create things. I occasionally sell pieces or make some on comission, but the pieces I most enjoy doing, are the ones that come to me so perfectly, and fully formed that I simply Have to create them, no matter what else is going on. Some people call it a muse. Some call it inspiration, others talent. I haven't tried to define it, because to me the real miracle of the creative process takes place there. The initial idea and then my ability to put it into reality is somewhat of a mystery to me. It makes it that much more fun!


Jigsaw puzzles are my absolute favorite types of puzzles/mind teasers. I enjoy doing any kind, and have yet to meet my match. I've often said that if doing jigsaw puzzles were some kind of profession that is what I'd be doing!! I've tried all sorts of them, the collage, 3D, Picture, Two sided, World's most difficult, Mazes, Computer-generated 3D images, and many, many more. My sister and I sometimes engage in puzzle racing, and though she puts up quite a good fight, I have yet to be defeated.


I've had several creative writing classes and workshops, and I've always enjoyed them. I would say some of my pieces are rather neat, while others are just learning materials and I would never think of showing them. Much like anything in life, practice makes perfect. Mostly, it is just done for fun, but I have had a few things published.


Anyone with any kind of imagination likes games. Whether they be board games, video games, or computer games. I prefer the first during holidays when my family is all here and we can have a lively bunch of teams around the table. We frequently play Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, Uno, Picture Picture, and other games. Most recently we aquired the game Cranium which is a very fun one as there's something for everyone in it. There are a plethora of video games out there, so I won't go into detail there. As for the computer games, I like the role-playing ones that are packed full of puzzles, mystery, and good plain fun. Lucas Arts have made the best ones out there, including the Monkey Island Series. I also enjoy the Myst series and Lemmings which is old-school, but fun nevertheless.

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