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I love the pokemon cartoon series, and Pikachu has always been my favorite. I'm making this page mostly as a devotion to pikachu, but there will be some other characters from the show and a few tidbits I want to include from the pokemon world as well.

    Information on Pikachu
  • English name - Pikachu
  • Japanese name - Pikachu(u)
  • Pronunciation - pee Kah chew
  • Number - 25
  • Type - Electric mouse
  • Element - Electric
  • Average height - 1"04'
  • Average weight - 13 lbs
  • Evolution - Thunder Stone
  • Evolves from - Pichu
  • Evolves into - Raichu

Appearence - Pikachu are bright yellow in color with bright red cheeks. They have two brown stripes running down the back, and a brown base to the tail. The tail is the traditional 'thunderbolt' shape, and is usually held erect. The ears are tall and very pointed, and tipped in black. Wild Pikachu are skittish and more secretive creatures than captive Pikachu.

Evolution - In the wild, Pikachu have the ability to evolve naturally, especially during summer time when thunder storms are frequent. However, in captivity, rarely spontaneously evolve unless exposed to electricity or a Thunder Stone.

Habitat - Pikachu live in large forest areas where they cover a large space of territory. They rarely come out in the open, and if they do, only one at a time will come out. They are almost never seen in urban areas.

Diet - The main food of the Pikachu is fruit. They also it nuts, berries, buds, nectar-bearing plants.

Voice - Pikachu, like most other Pokemon, repeat their name. They have a relatively high voice which is quite cheerful most of the time.

Senses - Pikachu has extremely acute senses. Its strongest is its sense of hearing. It uses its elongated ears to catch sounds in the air. It also has an excellent sense of smell and of sight. It's tail is extremely sensitive to vibrations in the air.

Habits - Pikachu are highly intelligent and difficult to catch. Once caught, they are known as being sulky and ignorant to their trainer's command. They have an extremely strong attitude, and are prone to shocking their trainer when annoyed with him/her. However, once they respect the trainer, they become very loyal and very protective. They are also credited because of their speed. They have quick reactions, and with their sharp senses, they are nearly impossible to catch wild.

Predators - Pikachu has many predators. The main ones it encounters are Arbok, Ekans, Persian, Pidgeot, Fearow and other predators.

The love between Ash and Pikachu is one of the strongest reasons I like this show. They obviously care for one another deeply and Ash will stop at nothing to care for his Pikachu. They help one another, and show a true friendship, even in adversity.
Team Rocket are the bad guys, but they add so much humor to the show. Poor bungling idiots, yet not truly evil, their goal is to steal Pikachu for their boss. Yet they too have a comraderie among themselves. This particular unit of Team Rocket consists of Jessie James, and their sidekick Meowth (a pokemon)

Officer Jenny is usually around somewhere to help free Pikachu when Team Rocket succeeds in getting it separated from Ash. She is the law enforcement and has been known to use such pokemon as Growlith, Arcanine, and Spinerak.

Where Officer Jenny is around, then you can be sure Brock is sure to react. He is Ash's traveling companion during the Indigo league and the Jhoto league. He has a crush on womankind, but Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are two that always flip his lid.

    You know you like Pikachu too much when...
  • You paint your cheeks red, and the tips of your ears black
  • You add 'pika pika' or 'chuu' onto the end of every sentance you or anybody else says
  • When your annoyed you clench your fists and cry 'PIIIIKAAACHUUUU!!!!!'
  • You decide you have no electrical power so you wear socks and run on the carpet all day to build up your electricity
  • Once your electricity is built up, you go shock someone while screaming CHUUUUU!!
  • You get shouted at for painting the rabbit bright yellow
  • You refuse to get in your Poké Ball (go to your room)
  • You are obsessed with ketchup
  • You think thunderstorms are caused by Pikachus
  • You are frightened by green glass because you are convinced that it is a thunderstone and you will evolve
  • You grow your hair bright yellow and in 'Sparky-style'
  • You go around trying to convince people you have an evil clone (especially around times you are in trouble)
  • You rename yourself 'Pikachu' or 'Pooka' or 'Sparky'

Some of my other favorite pokemon are Pichu, Raichu, Meowth, Persian, Ponyta, Rapidash, Psyduck, Evee, Bulbasaur, Horsea, Dragonair, and Dragonite.

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