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The Secret of Monkey Island

The very first adventure that Guybrush has is packed full of the very thing that we love Guybrush for. Jokes, humor, puzzles, and adventure. Guybrush is a young lad in knickers in this adventure setting out to become a pirate. In order to accomplish this, he must complete the three tasks the pirate lords set for him.
    Which are (in radom order)
  1. Treasure Hunting
  2. Sword Fighting
  3. Stealing
Sounds easy right? Not a problem for anyone here.....until we add in, other pirates, jail, a grumpy shopkeeper, a mysterious voodoo lady, a testy sherriff, shady looking characters, a hideous monster, a mutineous crew, a mysterious island, cannibals, a rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle, a ghost pirate captain, and true love.


Guybrush Threepwood
This is you, a pirate wannabe. Will you be able to fulfill your wildest dreams? Let's hope so. Armed with nothing but your wit and talent of holding your breath for ten minutes underwater, you're sure to go far! Just remember, that you can't die in this game, and you'll be fine.
Elaine Marley
The governor of Melee Island, and your one true love. Now that you understand your feelings for her, the Ghost Pirate LeChuck has kidnapped her! Will you be able to get her back?!
The Pirate Lords
They'll set your tasks for you and help you to become a pirate!
Cook of the Scumm Bar
He's full of rules. If only we could get into his kitchen.....and get the recipie for grog!
Voodoo Lady
She can be very useful when you get in a sticky spot. Although she can't ever give you a straight answer, she will give you vague hints of what to do next. That is, if you can catch her in.
Citizen of Melee Island
This shady looking citizen might have something good for a price! Then could be a scam.
Shady Looking Characters
These guys look up to no good. Only theives and pirates would hang out on the streets of Melee Island with a rat! And notice the shifty-eyed one.
Pirates of Melee Island
These guys don't really pose a threat to a mighty pirate like you right? Their swords may be dull, but watch out for these guys' wit!
Fettuchini Brothers
Bickering brothers are usually up to no good right? Maybe they'll be able to teach you a useful skill though....unless they kill you first.
What a kind guy, and what a neat trick! He doesn't take too kindly to some kinds of jokes though. And he has a terrible scary monster hidden in his house! The kind that bites off hands!
Sword teacher of Melee Island
He could help you to learn how to wield this sharp pointy metal object you've been carrying around....if only he would put out that cigar!
Carla the Swordmaster
She could seriously whoop you! Be sure you're prepared before you take on the swordmaster. But you must defeat her to fulfill your dream of becoming a pirate!
Pirate in jail
Whew! Bad breath! He could come in useful though....sometime when you need tools, or bodies.
Sherriff Shinetop
He sure doesn't like strangers! He can sure be a jerk! He's kind of a scary man.
The Ghost Pirate LeChuck
Now this is a scary bad guy! He's got your girl, and a secret ghost ship that's terrorizing all the seas! If you only knew where his secret hideout was.....and Monkey Island for that matter.
Wow what a motormouth! He's every annoying used car salesman you've ever known wrapped up into one! Only he's selling boats. There must be some way to get him to sell you one!
Herman Toothrot
An old guy that was marooned on Monkey Island. He seems to have plenty of time for smart remarks. Could he be useful to you, or is he just an annoyance? Ah the mixed up life of MI politics!
Cannibals of Monkey Island
These guys want to eat you! If only you had a chance to work out the politics going on in Monkey Island. There must be some way to find peace with these guys.
They seem to play a prominant role here. I wonder what their secret really is!?
This little guy looks so cool! How do you get one? What can you use it for? There must be a use for it somewhere!


coming soon!



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