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The Secret of
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2:
LeChuck's Revenge
The Curse of
Monkey Island
Escape From
Monkey Island

I have only one thing to say....Guybrush Threepwood rocks!!!!!
OK, maybe I have more to say than that. I think that this game intrigues me because of how it's so wonderfully woven together. Lucas Arts combines puzzles, and story with the perfect brand of humor. Guybrush, (you), innocently has the same desire that many of us had when we were little. He wants to be a pirate...(and pirates often dance! With me silver buckle slippers, and me tight shiny pants! I want to sing and dance.....Whoops a little off track here)...So, he starts his innocent adventure and his life with that simple goal.

The comments and options along the way are just too funny! And didn't we all love it when they got NAME to actually voice Guybrush!!!??? Personally, I can't get enough of these adventures that are good clean fun. Hours of entertainment really.
Please feel free to browse through each one, but note that there might be spoilers around on the pages, though I'll try to warn you about them. Each adventure has a quotes page that I made up from some of the things that the charectors say, though I haven't gotten them all, and to enjoy it fully, you really should play the games.

One last thing....this page is not affiliated with Lucas Arts or any other entity that has anything to do with Monkey Island (TM). If you want to visit their official page please direct your browser to: Thank-you!