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I've always loved cats! There are certain people in the world that have the same affinity for them that I do. I've always felt that only these people understand me. Only we can understand that special something in the gracefulness, agility, sleekness, independance, and lovingness that is cats. I often wish I could purr. Sometimes I've wished for whiskers!

Luckily for me my Mom liked them too, and I've always been able to wheedle my way into getting a special pet to love. Some times took more wheedling than others believe me! I remember once just sitting there on the phone with her, neither of us saying anything, but neither willing to give up. I had called to beg and plead with her into letting me get a kitten (one of my friends had some she wanted to find homes for). It must've lasted hours! But she finally agreed that I could get one. Then another time a friend was giving away a cat, and I asked her if it would be all right, and she said "Sure" right off the bat! My mom is so cool!

These pages are dedicated to my true loves in life. Please browse through at your leisure and be sure to let me know what you think!

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