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Fluffly is the only white cat I've ever owned. She was a source of great fun for me in the relatively short time that I had her.

She had the amusing habit of sticking her toungue out at you if you pointed at her. She also stuck it out when she was sleeping. We used to play cops and robbers and point at her saying "stick 'em up!" She would sit up on her haunches, raise her arms in the air, and stick out her toungue. It was priceless.

She only went outside occasionally, as she was still little, but the neighbors across the field from us saw her. They had a little white dog and thought they needed a little white cat to match. One day when she wandered over, they lured her into their house with a can of tuna. We didn't know where she'd gone and I conducted searches through the neighborhood for quite awhile before we found her quite by accident.

After recovering her, I kept a careful watch on her for a bit, but she had to go outside, and when she did they took her again. This time they kept her concealed until they moved taking her with them.