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When I was in my junior year of high school, the wild cat around my house had kittens. She trusted me enough that I could touch her, and she might occasionally sit on my lap, but she was never going to be tame. She brought all her kittens to me though, and so I diligently found homes for them all.

Julie, Sweetie, and Avery on the couchMy friend wanted one of these kittens, and I was more than willing to let her take one since I could then continue to see it. However, her father said no when she asked as she already had one cat. Imagine my surprise then when I went to her house and she had a new fluffy black kitten!

The kitten had arrived on their doorstep one day unannounced and luckily unscathed. She lived on a very busy street, so they took her in right away. She was named Sweetie and she lived there for about two years. She was a shybee, and rarely came to see me though I coaxed and wheedled at her every time I was over.

Tragedy arrived in the household, and the cats had to go. My friend immediately asked me if I would take them. Unfortunately, I already had two cats, and the wild ones, and I didn't think it would be possible. I asked my Mom, and to my surprise, she said yes right away. She hadn't really met Sweetie before, but she knew that she would be coming to us already fixed, and unfortunately declawed.

Julie holding SweetieI was hesitant to take her because I knew she would have to live mostly outside. And with no defenses that would be quite a change for her. But the alternative was the pound, so I took her in. She came very scared and wouldn't come to me for a long time. But her and Whiskers got along very well, and he took really good care of her. He let her rule the roost while keeping her safe.

She was happier once I moved out on my own and she got to live strictly indoors. She really is a homebody, and one I call a Gumby Cat. She sits and sits. She'll stay on your lap and purr for hours. She's brave too though, she takes on the Vaccuumm and any dog that comes along. She doesn't really like or get along with Katie, though she will tolerate and play with Skimbleshanks.

Her favorite food is any canned and soft food with gravy. She's not picky about the flavor at all. She likes stringy toys and will wig out on catnip. She will come and see any man who walks through the door, but if he is on a date with me and we get too close, she'll bite him! However, she doesn't really get along with women either. She usually will come out to observe my visitors, but she won't get close enough that they can touch her.

She loves me and my mom and when I was gone, she went into a deep depression and stopped eating. It was lucky that I was only gone for three months, instead of the planned on eighteen! She's happiest when we're both together, but as we live in different states now, that makes it a little difficult. However, she is content to stay with me as long as I give her soft food and lots of love.

Kara and SweetieJulie and Sweetie