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Julie and Tina with Garfield

I got a young start in cats and have always loved them. I tried to find stories and toys that surrounded my interest in cats, but sadly found few things that seemed to understand cats. One of my favorite cats was Garfield. I also enjoyed Heathcliff and Beverly Cleary's Socks. Hello Kitty was one of my favorite toys, but she wasn't as available back in the day as she is now.

Most of my life I've had cats that found me, or that were saved from the streets. I feel a strong affinity to black and white cats as they always seem to be able to tweak my heartstrings a little easier than others. You might notice in my pages that a lot of my cats stayed out doors. I reccommend an indoor life for cats as they can live a lot longer, healthier, and happier life that way. My sister was allergic to the cats which neccessitated they stay out of our house, and I was raised to have cats outdoors. Sadly you can see that a lot of my kitties came to tragic ends that could've been prevented had they been house cats. Also, a lot of my cats were intact and not spayed or neutered. Some were impossible to fix since they were feral cats, but others were family pets. I reccommend spaying and neutering as it makes happier pets and neighbors.

I studied and learned all I could about these my favorite creatures, and knew a lot about the different breeds. I decided that someday, I would buy myself a purebred cat. I started saving my money and trying to decide what kind I wanted.

Scottish Folds, and Abbyssians topped my list along with Ragdolls and Burmese. I finally decided though that I wanted to get a red Abby. I subscribed to a cat magazine and pursued all articles that even resembled Abbys. When the internet became an accessible tool, I started to use it too. It seems incredible to me now that I was in high school before I did my first on-line search. You guessed it, I searched for cat pages! As I became more proficient in browser use and more computer literate, I would spend hours looking at Abbys and other cats. That's how I ran across the Bengal breed. Wildstars cattery's Maggie stole my heart away. I abandoned my Abby searches to learn all I could about Bengals. Someday, I thought, I'll be able to own one.

I spent quite a few years learning about and searching for them. After that I started to research different breeders. At long last I thought my dream was coming true. I was sadly mistaken. My buying experience was a very bad one, and the breeder I chose was probably the worst choice I could've made. I recognized the signs too late to do anything about it, and after she'd gotten my money, I was stuck. There is a webpage I made to document the horrific experience I had with this woman, and all the harrassment she's been and still does send my way now.

Happily for most people, these should be rare occurances and can be avoided with a little precaution. If I had to do it over again, I don't think I'd value the money as much and I might've decided to walk away from it. I know that, for me, any more cat buying might not ever come about, but I still like to look at Abbys and dream about Bengals.

I still love and always will love cats of all kinds. I look forward to the years I have to enjoy thier company and antics. I think I'll always have at least one around to love.