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Julie and Spunky

Spunky is one of the most special cats I've ever had. I remember him washing my face every night and being around to help me through those rough times in childhood. After he was big enough to live outside, he rarely came in the house, but I'd go out and play with him all the time.

I used to tell him everything and he was my very best friend. Even more so than my sisters, because he would never leave me, and never made fun either. He used to purr very loudly whenever I held him, and I loved to hold him. Unfortunately, I don't have that many pictures of him.

He was around for quite awhile, and I owned him longer than most of my other cats.

He liked to go out and chase the rabbits of our neighbors up the hill, and no matter the yelling or punishments we gave him, he couldn't be discouraged from this bad habit. It was his downfall. We came back from vacation one summer, and went out on the porch to call him home. I sometimes wonder if what followed would've happened had we been there all along.

We heard him meow, and he came running to our voices. Then a shotgun blast. He never came home. I later saw a black hide pinned to a fencepost at their house, and the boy used to play with a cat skull, that made me sick every time I saw it. I knew it was my Spunky.

Spunky's ghost used to haunt us and move around our house. Most everyone who came over could see it. He would run about in the hallway and my room, and you usually just saw it out of the corner of your eye, but there was no mistaking him. He was a sleek black cat that had poise. He stayed with us in spirit state for quite some time, but then one day he told me goodbye and left with a friend. It was one of the only times I saw him when I was looking directly at him, and I haven't seen him since. But I hope it means that this special kitty has found peace and rest.